CBD Marketing for your Cannabis Business


CBD Marketing
for your hemp CBD business

CBD is the fastest growing cannabis market in the United States—that means your competition is only going to multiply. The best way to get ahead is to enter the marketplace with clearly-defined branding, a well-designed website, and an optimized e-commerce store.

Sherpa specializes in
CBD web design and SEO

What's the first rule of marketing? You need to make more than you spend. The best way to do that is by starting with your own website. What does a professionally designed site do for you?

  • Creates an emotional connection with your customer and your product.
  • Strengthens your online brand awareness.
  • Makes it easy and enjoyable to learn about and purchase your CBD products.
  • Builds trust with your customers.
  • Integrates a CBD-specific E-Commerce store.
  • Can be easily scaled for new products and marketplaces.
  • Is optimized for the CBD industry and how its customers search online.

Why should your CBD marketing plan
start with your website?

The list of all the businesses that want to charge you monthly fees is endless. Do you know who doesn’t have to pay for advertisements, paid directory listings, and PPC? A company with a strong enough website and social presence to bring the customers to them.

Your website provides your web design, SEO, and e-commerce store—it’s the foundation of your online business and your customer’s first impression.

What’s the point of an integrated CBD website?

The reason we do in-house design, SEO, and e-commerce for our CBD clients are simple—your website is like a house and our construction team is packed with specialists.


CBD search engine optimization (SEO) brings customers to your website organically without using paid advertisements.

SEO is the internal plumbing, electrical work, and structural support for your website.

Just like the internal structure of your home, you can’t see it but you’ll know if the work isn’t up to code. We’ve taken on clients with poor SEO that makes pages break, redirects customers to non-existent pages, and worse. Our CBD website SEO expert repairs any issues on your current site while making massive improvements that help your website rank better for your biggest keywords and products.

Web design is the interior and exterior of your website.

Just like a physical storefront, you want to create the right mood, guide customers through the sales process, and push your important products.

Our UX specialist understands how customers use a site and make sure yours is as easy to use for your customers as possible. Our CBD website designer creates beautiful sites that speak to our clients and their customers, building immediate trust and easing them into a buying state of mind.

E-commerce is your digital register and point of sale system rolled into one.

Woocommerce is the best e-commerce platform for CBD businesses. It allows us to restrict customer sales to specific states and countries as well as integrate alternative payment gateways so your sales process doesn’t depend on Paypal and other digital payment methods that are anti-cannabis industry.


CBD marketing guide

You wouldn’t hire a car mechanic to fix your leaky faucet, would you? We specialize in CBD website design and SEO because we want to be the best at what we do. Any company that spreads themselves too thin suffers in every area, and this is especially true when it comes to digital marketing companies.

We’ve partnered with CBD marketing leaders for the other two most important aspects of your business.

is our CBD branding partner.

They have designed branding, packaging, POS displays, and complete storefront interiors for some of the most recognized cannabis and CBD brands in the industry. Working closely with Potency allows us to align your online presence with your storefront and social media pages to create a cohesive and uniform brand strategy across the entire web.

Play Nice PR
is our PR partner.

PR plays an important role in the SEO process—it helps your new website to acquire important backlinks from local and national news organizations, community websites, and CBD-industry sites. This provides a boost to your website that helps increase rankings and provides important trust signals to Google that your competitors won’t have.


Don’t blow your budget on short-term CBD advertising
create lasting site traffic and a growing customer community with Sherpa.

At Sherpa, we focus on creating a sustainable and growing business model for our clients. CBD advertising is a short-term solution. You want a business that can grow itself, and that’s what we create. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and discover what a skilled guide can do for your CBD business.