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Cannabis SEO experience matters
and this isn’t our first trip to the summit.

A Sherpa has to know every aspect of the environment in which they are guiding. We work solely with cannabis, hemp, CBD, and ancillary clients to build trust on this digital journey to the top. Along the way, we have learned many techniques that help our clients set themselves apart from their competition. In an industry that hasn’t fully established itself we have helped companies just like yours achieve great things.

An Experienced
SEO Guide and partner

The cannabis business space is expanding every day. More dispensaries are opening up, more farms are moving into production, and interest in hemp and CBD products grows. Our SEO practices help your site get in front of a wider audience, make more online sales, and attract more customers. We are experts at navigating this complex process and are always reaching for new heights with our cannabis SEO clients. We value expertise and our cannabis PR, UX, and branding partnerships all work together to help our clients reach their summit.

Are online users discovering your cannabis site,
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See how SEO affected Farma's website traffic

Metric Growth Percentage
Ranked Terms: Position 1 - 20 + 199 Terms + 355%
GMB User actions + 62 Actions + 50%
Map Views + 400 + 40%

See what SEO did for Farma

We have mastered
Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is ongoing. Changes to Google Algorithms mean we are always evolving to be on the forefront of SEO.

See how our best-practices make a difference:

In an ever-changing marketing tool like cannabis and cbd SEO, knowledge matters. We read the latest SEO news, engage in online seminars, and train regularly.

Our clients rely on our skills like a mountaineer relies on their equipment. That’s why we keep ours polished. You need a guide that never stops growing. That’s Sherpa.

This industry moves quickly, and a reliable bridge to success can crumble after a single Google Algorithm update. That’s why we only use White Hat marijuana SEO strategies.

You should never be worried that your web optimization company is camping on a cliff-edge. We avoid questionable practices entirely and guide our clients on the high-road to success.

We could follow a 1,000 point checklist, but those points wouldn’t make a difference if they aren’t up-to-date. That’s why our methodology is constantly updated to reflect the latest industry changes.

When you choose our quarterly cannabis SEO package, you’re getting up-to-date work and site changes that keep you ahead of the competition.

The last thing you want is a guide that wanders off when you’re halfway up the mountain. Active monitoring of your marijuana site ensures any problems are identified and repaired immediately.

We’re with you at every single step, making sure your site operates efficiently and any traffic drops or errors are investigated right when they occur.

Metric Growth Percentage
Ranked Terms: Position 1 - 20 + 113 Terms + 418%
GMB User actions + 21 Actions + 131%
Map Views + 10,266 + 209%
Search Views + 2,774 + 58%

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