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Cannabis and hemp cultivators have traditionally relied on social media to promote their product. Regulations vary from state-to-state and social media accounts often get flagged and taken down. We have devised a way for cannabis growers to sell their product to dispensaries using a private store. This allows growers to use SEO and their website as their main marketing avenue.

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SEO is one of our primary focuses as a business. We create sites that are optimized to target keyterms relevant to your business. SEO has helped our client Whole Circle Farms rank #1 in Oregon when users search "hemp farm".

This has led to a dramatic increase in online sales for their product line, and inquiries from wholesalers. Your website needs to be optimized to be seen by potential vendors, and our SEO practices are at the forefront of the industry.

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The biggest hurdle to selling cannabis to dispensaries is the time it takes for a sales rep to drive around dropping samples. This can be an incredibly costly process and ultimately is money that is better spent elsewhere.

We have built a compliant way for cannabis grows to allow vendors to order directly from your website. Using a private store and C.O.D. as the payment method, dispensaries can log in, view your product, and order with the click of a button.


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We work with cannabis growers and processors to help strengthen their online presence. Many cultivators don't have a website and only utilize social media, which is a crucial mistake to a business.

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