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Hemp CBD producers and cannabis cultivators know that the most common payment gateways still aren't industry-friendly. PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other gateways frequently shut down payment processing on e-commerce sites. This can leave your business in a bind when you have product to move. We use proven e-commerce gateways to bypass these obstacles.

payment gateways

Sherpa can fully integrate third-party payment gateways into your new or existing site. It's the smart way to ensure you don't lose sales when major sites like PayPal close your payment processing. We can use the gateway of your choice or help you find one that suits your needs.


for cannabis cultivators

We have a new way for you to sell.

Using a secure private store, dispensaries that want to purchase your product can login, view your inventory, and make purchases using C.O.D. as the payment method. This saves a tremendous amount of time and money and opens your business up to a brand new marketing opportunity using warm-leads generation, SEO, and other passive sales tactics.

How does
the private store work?


Cut out the middle-man
reap the benefits

You may already have distributor for your product, but what kind of revenue are you potentially losing? An E-commerce store puts the power in your hands, and it's easier than you ever thought possible. Our system allows you to easily manage your store. With your own E-commerce store you can quickly and accurately:

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it couldn't be easier

Sherpa will guide you through the entire process. We can even help you determine what you can sell online according to your state's specific laws and regulations before you move forward with an E-Commerce addition to your website.

It couldn't be easier, and it's an incredibly simple way to add another revenue stream to your business. Call or contact us today to find out more.


What else can E-Commerce do for you?
collect data and use it to sell more

With an integrated E-Commerce store you aren't just selling products, you're collecting data. This is invaluable and allows you to leverage that data in a wide-range of ways. Just some of the major analytical benefits of an online store include:


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