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Baker believes the cannabis shopping experience should be as comfortable and personalized as it is in every other retail environment. Unfortunately, because of strict policy and antiquated technology, business owners have been caught in a race to the bottom. With expertise in retail, technology, and cannabis they have created an industry-specific CRM platform that helps dispensaries drive revenue and build engagement with customers.

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We happily tell clients about the Baker app because we believe it is the best menu solution in the cannabis industry today. Baker loves to tell their clients about us because we have a proven track record of implementing the app and increasing sales with our SEO. Baker is trusted by 1,000+ dispensaries to provide a menu solution that integrates with POS systems, and digital menu boards.

Just some of the systems Baker integrates with include:

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We find our clients the best emerging tools in the industry so you can integrate, not separate. Your online inventory system shouldn't separate itself from your point-of-sale system. You don't need an individual hub for customer information, and you definitely shouldn't spend your marketing budget on a pay-to-play system. That's why we integrate our client's sites with Baker.

Features Baker Leafly
Point of Sale Integration Your online inventory matches your physical inventory. You have to manually update product listings on-site.
Reward System Integration Baker captures customer data for your loyalty programs. Leafly does not integrate with any POS system.
Online Sales Yes. Baker integrates online sales directly into their platform. No. Users can only see prices and strain information.
Text Message Marketing Yes. Send your loyalty members direct messages. No. Leafly does not offer SMS user engagement services.
Integrated Analytics Yes. Customer, timeline, and product data at a glance. Yes. But only through Leafly data acquired by Pay-to-Play.

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