UX Analytics


Understand your customers
with UX Analytics

The best way to improve your website is to understand how your customers use it. That's where UX Analytics comes in. Our tools provide the data we need to make intelligent changes to your site and track their progress on an ongoing basis. Improving a well-designed site occurs gradually. Turn those gradual changes into real, actionable improvements.

What can UX
analytics do for you?


Track on-page
usage with Heatmaps

Heatmaps are a visual representation of where a user spends time on every page of your website. They show you what areas of a page receive the most attention, and provide an in-depth view of where customers are looking, what they're engaging with, and how they use your website.

Improving your site with Heatmaps

This is your best tool for utilizing space on a web page. You can analyze whether or not your Calls-to-Action are being read, which part of the page engages users the most, and which links get the most attention according to where they are positioned. This allows you to change your layout and put your most important features where users will see them.


Types and Features

  • Click Heatmaps: Get a visual representation of your most clicked buttons, links, videos, products, and action-forms.
  • Move Heatmaps: See where users move their mouse cursor. This lets you see which areas make the biggest impact.
  • Scroll Heatmaps: View how far down your page users actually scroll, and more importantly, where they drop off.
  • Download Heatmaps: Download and share your heatmaps for easy collaboration and improvement.
  • View Heatmaps by Device: Phone, tablet, and desktop users all use your site differently. See how.

Live Visitor Recordings

Our system records your visitors in real-time. This is the smartest way to identify and repair usability errors. See exactly where they move their mouse, what they click on, and how your web page layout impacts user behavior.

  • Tag your recordings for future reference.
  • Take notes within visitor recordings.
  • Filter out recordings for individual analysis.

Conversion Funnel Tracking

Whether your website has e-commerce or not, funnel tracking is critical. Set funnels for your product menus, contact forms, and specific content. See exactly when users drop off. Pair this with visitor recordings to make targeted page improvements.

  • Create funnels without a step limit.
  • Watch recordings of customer drop offs.
  • Improve pages and increase sales.

Start improving your website today.

Sherpa can integrate our system with your existing website, or build it right into a new one. Every user on your site is an opportunity. If you want to make the kind of incremental improvements that deliver long-term gains, you need UX analytics. We can guide you to online success with UX Analytics.

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